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  • Moove by Nutranima - Bien-être articulaire - articulation -
  • Moove by Nutranima - Bien-être articulaire - articulation -
  • Moove by Nutranima - Bien-être articulaire - articulation -
  • Moove by Nutranima - Bien-être articulaire - articulation -
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Moove by Nutranima - Joint & Bone

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In which case is Nutranima - Moove recommended?

Nutranima - Moove is an food supplement based on plants, volcanic rocks and glucosamine developed in partnership with veterinary nutritionists to act at the heart of your pet's metabolism and allow targeted action on the cartilage, joints and resulting pain.

It is recommended for:

  • The growing puppy with low activity levels to allow better bone mineralization that he will not have through regular exercise
  • The dog in early old age who shows the first signs of joint pain
  • Dogs of any age with joint dysfunction (regular inflammation, osteoarthritis, dysplasia, ...)

Our formula comes in the form of natural tablets with neutral taste to avoid appetence problems. 

How does Moove work?

Blackcurrant, Meadowsweet and Devil's Claw, by their richness in flavonoids, tannins and phenolic acids, will have an anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effect allowing to reduce joint pain.

Horsetail, in association with glucosamine, will at the same time participate in the re-mineralization and reformation of cartilage so as to prevent osteoporosis. Glucosamine is a fundamental cog in the formation of cartilage during growth, but its stock decreases over time, thus slowing the regeneration of bone tissue.

Finally, the zeolite volcanic rock powder will allow on the one hand the supply of essential minerals to the cartilage, and on the other hand will help the body upstream to drain the heavy metals and toxins from the dog's diet that may be the source of joint discomfort. Its porous structure allows it to act as a natural heavy metal chelator, while being perfectly eliminated by the dog's urinary system within 48 hours.

The unique combination of these ingredients helps treat not only the symptoms, but also some of the root causes of your dog's mobility problems.


Organic Horsetail powder (Equisetum arvense), Organic Devil's Claw powder (Harpagophytum), Glucosamine sulphate, Organic blackcurrant powder (ribes nigrum) Organic meadowsweet powder (filipendula ulmaria), Micronized activated clinoptilolith zeolite

Analytical constituents

Protein 24.50%
Crude fiber 2%
Fat content 18.10%
Inorganic matter 18.60%
Chloride 7.60%


<10 kg: 2 tablets per day
10-20 kg: 3 tablets per day
25+ kg: 4 to 5 tablets per day

Precautions for use

Respect the indicated dosages. If in doubt, call our customer service or ask your veterinarian for advice.